The Imperial Kingdom of Koralzia

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The Imperial Kingdom of Koralzia

Post by Alden on Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:19 pm

Name of Nation: the Kingdom of Koralzia
Nation Population: 54 Billion
Political System: Koralziic Form of Mornarchy ((Details Below))
Economic System: Mixed Economy
Economic Leaning: Mixed Between Different Ideologies
Social Leanings: Centrist
Nation Ruler: King Mirrorith, King Jihiraith, Empress Fothess
Capital Planet: Koraza
Capital City: Freedria

They are Anthro Dragons that stand about 6-7ft on average, with various scale colors, some wingless and others with wings. These dragons can averagely live up to 1000 years, however, there are some of higher status that can live even longer, and some that are even immortal like the Koralzian leadership.

Species/Races((Minority)): Other/Immigrant Races

Major Religion(s): Freedrianism
Minor Religions: Others

Imports: Livestock, Various Metals, Foreign Alcohols, Foreign Technologies, Gold/Jewelry
Exports: Marble, Stone, Various Metals, Wine, High-Quality Technology and Weapons

Cultural Influences: Koralziic
National Language: Koralziic
Common Leisure: Swimming, Public Baths/Hot Springs, Drinking and Going out, Flying Ships, Shooting, Others
Military Focus/Strengths: ((At least two)):
Soldier Lifespan:
Koralzians have an average lifespan of 1000 years, which means they can gain hundreds of years more of experience than your average species. Think of it this way, some Koralzians are fighting while your great-grandparents were being born.

Highly Advanced Technology:
The Koralzians own some of the best and up to date technology in the galaxy, including the military.

Military Weaknesses: ((At least two)):
Mostly Carnivorous Species:
Dragons are naturally carnivorous, and while the Koralzians have done well trying to adapt to other foods like bread beans rice and fruits, they still mainly need meat to survive. This means options for the military on the field is narrowed down greatly, as they mainly have dried meats, canned meats, and stew. They have to drink water and fruit juices to even things out, not wanting soldiers getting drunk on wine while at war.

Smart-Ass Military:
With people like the Koralzians, living so long can also mean they underestimate the enemy quite often, thinking they know everything they don't. It can lead to their downfall.

National Pledge: Later

History: Later


Partners in Trade/Friendly

Glactic Kingdom of Koralzia

Not Good Relations

Enemies, Not in War
United Union of Nubaria ((NPC))

Mortal Enemies/Enemies in War

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Re: The Imperial Kingdom of Koralzia

Post by Alden on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:04 am

-Military Template-

Space Navy

-Active Ships-
Total Ships: 14.K

Corvettes: 5.K
Frigates: 5.K
Destroyers: 4.K
Cruisers: 2.K
Battle Cruisers: 1.K
Strike Cruisers: 1.K
Battleships: 700
Dreadnoughts: 72

-Reserved Ships-
Total Ships: 4.K

Corvettes: 1000
Frigates: 700
Destroyers: 500
Cruisers: 600
Battle Cruisers: 400
Strike Cruisers: 400
Battleships: 400
Dreadnoughts: 10

Might Add More Here Soon!

In World/Ground Forces ((State either bad, below average, average, above average, good, or excellent))

Common Ground Soldiers: Good
Air Support: Above Average
Armored Vehicles: Average
Tanks: Above Average
Mech Units: None
Special Operation Forces: Average

Military Population
Total Active Military Troops: 5.2 Million
Total Reserved Military Troops: 1.7 Million

Active Common Ground Forces:
Active Special Forces:
Active Other Branches:
Reserved Common Ground Forces
Reserved Special Forces
Reserved Other Branches

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Common Law of Koralzia

Post by Alden on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:36 am

Common Laws

Legal drinking age: 17
Legal driving age: 17
Age of sexual consent: 18
Voting age and requirements: 18
Age of adulthood: 18

Gun Laws: Firearms are Legal, but very regulated
Death Penalty: Rare, only for mass murders, terrorists, mass rapists, and others
Speed Limits: Depends on the planetary Laws
Religious Freedom: Religiously Free, all faiths allowed

Pornography Age Laws: 16+ to view, 18+ to participate
Prostitution: Depends on planetary Law
Polygamy: Legal
Homosexuality: Legal
Interspecies Laws: Legal
Cloning Laws: Limited

Animal Fighting: Illegal
Arena Fighting: Legal
Slavery: Limited 
Meat Consumption: For a Dragon nation? What do you think?
Littering: Illegal
Public Bathroom Laws: Male and Female Bathrooms
Gay marriage: Legal
Abortion: Legal
What types of sexual activity (if any) are illegal?

Recreational Drug/Other Laws (if any) are legal:
* Marijuana: Legal
* Tobacco: Legal
* Cocaine: Illegal
* Alcohol: Legal
* LSD: Limited
* Heroin: Illegal
* Meth: Illegal
* Other Drugs: Depends

Obscenity Laws: Public Nudity is Illegal, however no one said how much clothing you have to wear, just be sure to cover the sexual areas.

Citizenship Criteria:
-Birth in Koralzia, or Koralzian government ship, embassy, other other outside territory.
-Live in Koralzia for 5 years, holding work and proper behavior is also required
-One year of marriage with a Koralzian citizen, proper behavior is also required
-Having some Koralziic heritage, which shortens the waiting period to 2 years, or five months after marriage with a Koralzian citizen

Immigration: Legal
Censorship Laws: Non-existent

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Re: The Imperial Kingdom of Koralzia

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