Zombie Types

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Zombie Types

Post by Alden on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:51 am

Normal Undead
The usual undead to see, which are faster then walkers but slower then runners.

Normal zombies but ones which are slower, ones the pretty much walk slow.

Zombies which can sprint fast towards a given target, making them a bigger threat than the other two.

These zombies are kind of like crawlers but with both legs, and can somehow jump through very far distances, like the hunters or jockeys from Left for Dead

Zombies who crawl instead of walk or run, pretty sure everyone knows what a zombie of that sort of look and be like.

Nuclear Infected
The most deadliest zombies to come across, these zombies can be any of the other types, but are covered in radiation, inside and often outside the body. Not to worry though, you will mostly find these around the former cities and military bases which got nuked, they are rare elsewhere.

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