The Galactic Kingdom of Coratheia

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The Galactic Kingdom of Coratheia

Post by Alden on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:04 am

-Nation Flag-

Name of Nation: The Kingdom of Coratheia
Nation Population: 49 Billion
Political System: Constitutional Monarchy/Clanic Rule
Economic System: Cortheic Economy - Guild/Socialist Mix
Economic Leaning: Most Coratheians are in favor of the guilds which are controlled by the clans.
Social Leanings: Coratheians tend to be conservative in thought
Nation Ruler: High King Jorgornr
Capital Planet: Rathiana
Capital City: City of Cortha

Species/Races((Majority)): Coratheian Wolves ((Usually seen with dark gray or black fur))
Species/Races((Minority)): Arctic Foxes, Bobcats, Crows, Eagles

Major Religion(s):
Coratheian Folk Religion: The worship of the war goddess goddesses Ratheia, as well as the afterlife and slight ancestor worship.

Minor Religions: Other/Foreign

Imports: Valuable Metals, Foreign Alcohols, Livestock, Spices, Raw Materials
Exports: Copper, Valuable Jewels, Mead, Weapons, Building Materials, Spices

Cultural Influences: Coratheic - Heavily Norse/Germanic style culture with many custom touches
National Language: Coratheic
Common Leisure: Watching the Arena, Going out with friends, other common leisure

Military Focus/Strengths: ((At least two)):
Warrior Culture and People
The Coratheians are always eager to fight, wanting to prove their strength to the galaxy, the other Coratheians, and to themselves.

Large Military The Coratheians love their military, with at least 2 billion of the population enlisted for the arms forces, then that's excluding militia, clan forces, mercenaries, ect.

Raider Force
Like you can have a norse/germanic styled civilization without raiders. The Coratheians also have a raid that uses the tradition of raid and plunder.

Military Weaknesses: ((At least two)):
Stubern Headstrong Military
Always sure of themselves, never asking twice, they would get into things they would never get out, it has caused them to fail many times.

Not the latest Tech
The Coratheian warships do not have some of the same up to date guns like the other militaries, like the Adkorians with up to date plasma cannons and laser artillery. They use older styled plasma cannons which fire dark yellow shots instead of blue or cyan, missile launchers, and light plasma shielding.

Traditional Clans:
Coratheia is dominated by clans, however, only one clan can fully have power in the throne room. This has caused a history of infighting between the clans, with violent takeovers and purges of families. Only a few times the actually military had been used for these, instead of clan forces and mercenaries, but still, if it happens again they're going to be more focused on that then what other nations are doing.

National Pledge: Ratheia give me strength, and bless the high king, his the glory of his countrymen!



Partners in Trade/Friendly


Not Good Relations

Enemies, Not in War

Mortal Enemies/Enemies in War

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