Da Rules!!!

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Da Rules!!!

Post by Alden on Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:27 pm

So here are the basic rules of the site, I will make them simple, easy to follow, and overall for the sole purpose of enjoying our time together as a RP community!

1. Don't Be A Dick
This one should be obvious by now, but please don't assault someone for what they do with their nations, don't be that guy.

2. You May Have Up To 2 Nations Each Thread!
As a player you may have up to two nations/groups per thread. However, NPC nations can be added upon will, as long as they don't have any major stance in the galaxy like the main nations do. Also they would likely be added for an event or to increase the stance of the main nations.

3. Use Descent Grammar At All Times!
Some may call me unreasonable for this rule, they may also even call me a grammar nazi for putting up such a rule, but this rule is to ensure your partners can understand what you're typing clearly. You may not understand it, but it really does matter, especially when it comes to world building and rp.

4. Timeline/Setting Rule, Medieval Fantasy Thread
I'm making this rule for the medieval fantasy thread. Keep Lord of the Rings, the Elder Scrolls, and early/mid medieval times and ancient times in mind, as that's what this is based off of. There will be no fire arms, that includes muskets and very old time pistols, have to keep it fresh and interesting, because while there were fire arms in the late medieval times and possibly even mid, there were next to useless and very inaccurate in aim. Magic Compound Bows and advanced crossbows are possibilities if you don't want simple archers though.

5. Be Creative
The best thing you can do!

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